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Light, optics, color

10 February 2001
Troy MI
Anyone know anything about the science of optics, and color?

I was thinking about getting a black NSX, but don't like the swirl marks, and heat of having a black car ...especialy when I'm in Florida.

Lately I've seen a grey NSX in Detroit that looks cool. Color seems to give it a low profile look. After looking at color chart in FAQ, I think the color might be silver...just looks darker then the silver I use to know on the 91's when my friend had one.

I like a low profile look. That's what an exotic is all about for me! What color makes the car look low and wide? Any ideas? I'm not trying to start a best color war. I am wondering what tricks different colors play on the shapes and angles of a car.

What does red do? Must have a good effect on exotics in making the angles and profiles of the car even more drastic.

White looks good but can give the look of plastic(or fiberglass) on some of the fins or body work.

Black seems to hide some of the lines and the look of the car if its not shining just right.

I just saw a silver Testarossa the other day and something about that color (maybe the way it blends with the background color of the road) made the car look very low and wide... really cool. Is the color doing this?

Blues are great, and yellows.. but not sure what these colors do for the shape/stance of the car.

Does color change design charictoristics as our eye notices the car?
Swirl marks are easily removed with the Zaino Bros process Black is the coolest color but it is hard to keep clean but I don't mind.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
i cant tell you the physics or psychology behind color, well actually i could tell you the psychology but i wont....

i just finished shopping for a nsx.

heres what i thought after seeing most of the colors

there are three groupings to my mind

group one: subtle colors, understated on the nsx. black, that reaally unusual green

group two: neutral colors, the car just speaks for itself, without the color screaming for attention---white and that really cool silvery color

group three: YYYYAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOO colors. that red as a chicken's butt in pokeberry season, that war bonnet party yellow

SSSSOOOOOOOOO, depends on what youre looking for in my opinion. i liked the silver, and i liked the yellow (and the red is cool too--almost bought a red one but am pretty glad i didn't)

BUT, i bought black because, like someone else said in prior message, it was very subtle. ideally i'd probable have a different color depending on my mood and the day but then again thatd depend on the stock market and i'd probably drive black everyday

good luck on your color pscyhoanalysis and buy one soon because it is a real giggle factory
Mine is yellow w/ black top coupe.Specifically to create the illusion of lower and wider(I think it works)Especially at night the "top" sort of dissapears into the backround the silluette(cant spell it) is all you really see of the main body of the car and with blacked out windows is very effective.

I,d say if I was looking to be as stealth as possible ,black on black(I noticed alot of the cars features(side ducts etc.)get lost until you get up on the car.

I think black on black(when meticulously kept)looks awesome and very sexy but the work it takes to keep it "up to par" exeeds it's looks.Also that is partially driven by the amount of exposure the car gets. I drive my car every where as often as possible and on my out of state trips I choose MYNSX over any thing the 6-8 hr trips are effortless in comparison to any of my other choices available to me.