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Link to brand new NA1 motor for sale...

25 March 2007
Knoxville, TN / Washington D.C.
A person here in Knoxville, TN responded to one of my old ads, looking for an early 90's Honda to keep miles off my (then unattained) NSX, by asking me if I would be interested in an NSX motor he had in a warehouse as a future replacement of my own.

I told him that I wasn't interested in the motor, but I knew a few guys who would be.

The motor is a complete factory replacement including wiring harness, manifolds, everything down to the throttle body and intake. New clutch is also fitted.

The engine was originally purchase by the person's boss who worked for Honda, but most of its history has been lost.

The guy indicated that it was for the "first year NSX" and the motor reads C30A1, but there is no serial number ( maybe something to do with the fact that it was bought as a replacement? ). It has ZERO mileage.

The price? He wants $12,500. I feel it's high, but if you are interested in possibly purchasing or making a counter offer, PM me and I can give you his contact info or I can make a counter offer in your name.

I have no use for something like this, but I felt the community should know that there's yet another NSX engine floating around in a warehouse waiting to make an NSX scream. :biggrin: