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Look what I found in my yard.

15 January 2007
Omaha NE
I was doing some yard work in the back yard with the wifey. While pulling some weeds and ugly shrubs in the back of my back yard I came across this...


Its not mine, but what are the odds of that.

I did a quick clean up on it (rinse, and get as much of the dirt out of the interior.

Weird coincidence
Looks cool. Got any bigger pictures? Clicking on the thumbnails isn't doing anything for me.
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yeah I'll load them when I get home.
Someone had to have planted that there, or it may have been aliens stalking your car. Either way, it's cool as heck to have found it in your yard. :smile:
Actually we have had a silent pool going for the past 5 years on how long it would take you to find the planted car...

I know it works for vegetables, flowers and fruit,
but you cannot grow your own NSX!

I suggest you stick with magic beans.