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Looking at a tow vehicle, need opinions/options

2 July 2003
Virginia Beach
Ok... as many of you know.. I'm a track rat...(sounds like an AA thing)...

I've put some miles on my car... a lot of miles.

It's becoming unfeasible to drive so much... I would like to tow it to the track now.

I've been looking at the F150 V6's... everyone says they're a damn good engine and last forever.

My budget is around 11k.. I know it's not a lot but that's b/c I'm not going to drive this much unless it's to haul something or tow something... plus I already have the nsx and the scion tC.

What options/opinions do you guys have with this decision? Is that engine really a good one?? Is there something better you may recommend? The only opinions I have received were from Ford people... rather biased if you ask me.

thanks for any input you all may have.

couldn't u get a Tundra used for that price range? A cloth seat, manual tundra can tow 7000 lbs. I would think a NSX with tools, spares and trailer would be quite easy. i would avoid the F150 with V-6 if you plan to tow. The V-8 is quite capable though.
I bought my 3/4 ton 97 Suburban for $4500 in 2002, and even with the transmission rebuild ($1100) a year later, still a great deal. Another option that many overlook is a 2500 or 3500 series van. Most can tow up to 10,000lbs and can also be used to bus your buds (usually twelve to fifteen passenger) to the beach on the weekends!!!

I agree that the Ford six (only the inline, not the V6) is an engine that has lots of torque and will last forever, but I would not tow with one. I am not comfortable towing with less than a 1/2 or even better 3/4 ton vehicle. JMHO.
I agree with Gary.

A used Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon would be my choice. Having a closed truck is nice to store tools, tires, valuables, etc.

Of course, you could look for a 4 door pickup and install a cap too, but a used, well-cared for Suburban holds its value well and parts are plentiful.


Here's one in your price range...


First off, no, I wouldn't tow an NSX with a half ton truck. It is too small. You want a 3/4 or 1 ton. Stiffer springs, 8 lug rims, better trannies, etc. If it's sole purpose is to tow, then get something that will serve that purpose well.

Now for my rant. Check out full size vans. You get the same drivetrain as the Pickups and SUV's, and you pay a lot less because people don't buy them as a penis supplement. You get something that will keep all your crap secure and dry, and it even is a fairly decent trackside hotel. My tow vehicle is a '98 E350 Club Wagon Chateau (which is Fords way of saying luxury van on a 1 ton chassis). I bought it about 6 months ago. It's got the 5.4 Triton V8, the E4OD tranny, and a full tow package including OE tranny cooler and it's prewired for a brake controller. It has 160K on the clock and runs like a top. I paid $5600 for it. If I had your budget, I'd get the exact same van, but in diesel.