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Looking for 97+ coupe honda nsx in Australia

20 December 2004
Hi fellow prime members... kinda new to nsxprime. I am currently looking for a 1997 + model honda nsx in coupe and 3.2l 6speed transmission.

If anyone knows of anyone selling one or if you could help give me ideas how I can search more efficiently. Kindly appreciated..

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G'day mate,
Been searching around and found this... although the price I think is too high! :eek: I can sell you mine for that price :tongue:

Also there was a grey 99' coupe for sale a while ago for $145K+ but has little km's :wink: Use the SEARCH function, you might find it.. LOL

Honda NSX 1999 Targa top coupe 6 spd manual, silver with red leather sports seats, rego 11/2006, in exc cond, very low kms, ARX-73A, was $129000, now $120000. DL-7483 TYNAN MOTORS SYLVANIA 02-9545 8583.
I found that ad. on the trading post website but i kinda prefer the coupe to the targa. I guess everyone is different...

I found out that there are like 23 1997+ nsx's in total that were sold in oz until the bat poo ugly new shape came out (im sorry if i offend anyone but they aint that pretty for 250k). So it's damn rare.

ahhhhh... you probably did offend some people with that comment, but they'll get over it. :) The '02 headlights grow on you... give it time. But sounds like you prefer pop-up's like me.

There isn't *that* much difference between a Coupe and Targa. Obviously the chassis needs to be strengthened and that adds weight, but compared to a '91 it all balances out.

A '97 gives you an additional 20hp, mild chassis weight gain, yet the engine weight is reduced by 2.4 kilograms. Plus you get a wind-in-your-hair Targa and a sexy 6-speed (mmmm...very nice ;)

A '91 has the slightly smaller engine but lighter weight. You have more available for sale, and if you want to modify it a bit you can do so... '97+ are harder to mod here.

Of course, if you know you won't be happy with anything else... don't get a pre-97+.
gurmi- your in luck one just came on the market look at www.drive.com.au 98' Coupe in black with 39K with 18/19 in SYdney for $89K its 6sp too. very rare a 97+ coupe. the 99' coupe with 4,000 KM has been sold a few weeks ago for around 100K.
Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr out. :eek: That Black '98 coupe is VERY CHEAP with only 39,000km's. I would be asking a lot of questions, but on the surface that sounds like a sweet deal. I am confused how it says "manual" transmission on the front screen, but 3L 4-speed auto in the specifications. You'd need to check that out.

edit: <B>NICO</B> did you notice the NSX in Tasmania: in the description it says "Owner is little old lady. Car only driven on Sundays. Superb condition". :rolleyes: :D
hey its Dave in Brisbane
The one in Tassie I was looking to go further with, but I found my one in Sydney..for quite a bit more money, but much lower ks and later year as well etc..they have had the one in Tas for sale for some time, the guys mum owns it, and literally can't get into the car anymore, he's had it checked out by Honda in Tas, but speaking to the inspector he said there were 2 different colours on red on the boot and the front bar to the rest of the red colour..they [the Tas Honda guys] also aren't authorised to service the car, so it hasn't had major service for sometime.. tyres rub on the front as well [18s fitted all round from memory] it originally came from the mainland .. Perth I think [a couple of years prior]..they were pretty firm on their price as well ..

I just recently saw that black 98 ad as well ...great buying if it is as portrayed.....a 99 - T [purple - awesome colour] up here with only 30K on it was sold here Xmas 2004 for $100K they were asking $130K, when I enquired in 9/04.

Keep looking
A 1999 yellow NSX-T done 85,000km has just come on the market at $99,000

That yellow NSX-T was sold for $100,000 a couple of years ago (quick sale). a bit cheeky trying to sell it for that price again. ;) I've seen this car on the road... very sexy.

I'm surprused the seller supplied those details - it would be easy to track down where the buyer lives! :(
I want a T!
but not tan leather..
its got aftermarket exhaust as well.
I want a t as well preferably with two TTs like mikeys.

Hey NICO one whole day with your new makeover and i havent got photos yet, whats up with that????? Especially after i sponsor you with my shirt and all. I thought that with sponsorship comes special privelages. :confused:

I want my $60 bucks back mate and while you are at it i want my spoiler back, and my widebody and my stereo, stuff it i will send one of my cabramatta BOYS TO COME AND PICK IT UP. :mad: :mad:
dippy9 said:
Hey NICO one whole day with your new makeover and i havent got photos yet, whats up with that????? Especially after i sponsor you with my shirt and all. I thought that with sponsorship comes special privelages. :confused:

hahahaha dippy9, he just came pass my place before the makeover of his NSX really looks nice, damn you should see it . . . only he needs the wheels badly :eek:
Gee <B>Dippy</B>, you haven't seen any photos. I have... i think everybody else has too... oh man it looks soooooooooooooo wide and sooooooooooooooo nice. it's incredible!!! you should see it, but you haven't... where have you been??? :D <I>*neo dodges dippy's bullets*</I>

If Dippy gets 2 T's, then sounds like Mikey will have to go 4 T's... just to stay ahead of the Jones. ;) I guess the song is true, "Everybody wants to be like Mike". :D :D :D
this 2000 circuit blue NSX has just come onto the market:

What a rip!!
That car use to belong to a person near my work with "AHAUS" plates he was asking $119,900 and then Rick Damelian was trying to sell it and then it went to a guy in ACT which reportedly paid $100K for it and now $145K ??
Yes, I think 100K is more like it....

That '98 Black coupe has been sold! Asking price was 89K w/39,000 K's
"That '98 Black coupe has been sold! Asking price was 89K w/39,000 K's"
strueth !!! an absolute bargain at that price, with 3 piece wheels too...gee too cheap..I guess its good that it went quickly..the last thing we want is cheap NSXs coming into the market..i hope the blue/purple car gets close to his money..

DR :rolleyes:
spoke to the new owner of the black 98 today...........unfortunately he lives in Western Australia and so the car is leaving NSW...........I see a trend emerging...........
sorry for out of the topic, but i guess this is the right place for me to ask the australian NSX owner . . . ok i've got a set of Volk Racing TE37 Fr:18x7.5 and Rr:19x9.5 maybe anyone interested please go to


Hi fellow Aussie NSX owners.

I have owned a 91 NSX for a couple of years now so i thought it might be time to say G'day.

My name is Les i live in Adelaide with my fav bit if aluminium a red NXS with custom air intake, height adjustable suspesion, upgrade brakes, air deflectors and water spray injection ( for the brakes ), chassis bracing, some under body aero mods and other bits and peices.

We have a total of 9 NSX's that i know of in Adelaide including that yellow twin turbo thing.

I travel to melb a fair bit for business and week end sprint days at Philip Island.

I would like to hear from other owners that would like to do some track days down at the Island so pleaes drom me a line at [email protected].

Hope to chat soon.