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Looking for a black nsx-t

4 August 2008
Lausanne, Switzerland
Hi Nsx folks,

My name is Haider and I'm living in Switzerland (Lausanne).
The nsx was always my dreamcar, and I have tested it once and since then I can't imagine not to have one.

So, my plan is to get one during this winter. I'm looking for a good conditonned and well treated nsx targa, stock or modified, no track records.

I like the two rev., my heart will go more for an >02 version with a 3.2l and a manual 6 speeds gearbox. I will open my search to the first rev. in regards to my budget, as I have to import the car to France or Switzerland.

I can give an idea of the budget I have in private message.

I continue to search in Europe places, but I definitely open it to the rest of world as the offers are very few here.

Thank you for reading, I hope I will join you soon to participate with my new car.
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