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Looking for a guy with a white NSX in the Greenville, SC area.


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25 August 2012
I talked to you at the Shell Gas Station. Was hoping to get to check your car out again! I've got a friend who's also been a very big fan of the NSX's and never had the opportunity to see one in person.

I hope you see this! You said you check this forum every so often, haha.
I lived in Greenville for a year....I didn't realize there was a white one. I knew there was a Black NA2 conversion and another red.
I know there are two white ones here in charleston..rarely see those guys around town at all. And cwood in Columbia. Never heard of one in greenville
Depending on when this was, it could have been me. I was in Greenville a few months ago and only fill up at Shell stations, and seem to get into conversations with people about the car frequently at fuel stops.
This was to days ago. I believe it was a 91 or 92. It had stock rims, and a black top. Black interior. The guy said it had low miles, (40,000?) It was the Shell station on North Main across from the Bohemian.
Hey guys I just spotted this in Greenville for sale.. Anyone know anything about it? I took a pic of the VIN so Ima post it up and see if you guys know anything on it. The seats looked ripped a little, and the outside seemed to be repainted. But here's a pic:




It appears to be...


Doing a little research I see that most all the vins have NA in the two blanks.. so that bring us to:


Soo what part of the VIN is that? If anyone knows..

EDIT: Well I broke it down with a picture from google.. here's what I got:

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Should be a 1. I drive past that thing all the time and hesitate to look at it haha. I think he is asking 24k.

And those wheels... Yuck!

Closest white one I know about is Chris in columbia though.
That car has been gone for a few weeks now. Wonder who got it???