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Looking for a Momo dealer in Ontario

I spoke to John over at BAC in Waterloo give him a call I spoke to him regarding what you want he can pretty much price out a wide selection of wheels if you want Volk, Work... etc Not to sure about Momo, I think PointZero is a Momo dealer.

BTW I talked to the guy about buffing your car, do you want his #? He probably is going to want to see your car, and talk to you about what you want done to it? PM or call me...

http://www.momocanada.com/momo/part.php does not have a dealer locator. Anyone know of a dealer in Waterloo/Mississauga/Toronto?

I would like to find out if a couple of their wheels would fit my car. Thanks.

I've had 2 sets of Momos over the years and never had any problems with them at all. They aren't a light rim, though. If weight is a concern then look elsewhere as Dave suggests. You can probably save 3-5 pounds per corner getting the Volks or a Super Leggera. They do make some sexy pieces though.

Point Zero in Waterloo likely has them, you could try Auto Sport Club in London as well.
Point Zero is a MOMO dealer and can order in the MOMO wheels that you want. We don't keep them in stock as not many people want them. I'm currently using Volks on my NSX and they are great! Enkei is also a good wheel and we have them on a red NSX and looks hot.