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Looking for black wheels with gold trim details

4 November 2007
Westchester County, NY
I have been looking for some black wheels with gold detail for some time. I never saw a car with black and gold wheels, without any aluminum/silver or chrome.

I think it would look real good on my black/black '04 with the gold calipers. Does anyone have a car set up like this or a lead on black wheels with some gold details, like the lugs and some trimming of the spokes in gold but not the lip. Maybe multi peice with gold nuts would work as well.

Size I am looking for would be stock 17/17 maybe 18 in the rear but the pot holes out here keep me thinking 17 is smarter. I already have pothole dings in the 17 I have.

Any ideas, pics?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I posted this in the photogallery Forum section without much luck under the Unoficial Berlina Black thread.
The man you are looking for is on s2000 - I think what you are asking is a bit too over the top for most NSX owners........

There's two guys on there:

One guy has the black faced BBS LM's with all gold hardware - he was selling them at one point and the pics looked AWESOME!

Another guy had black faced spoke wheels and the lips are gold plated! It takes a unique modded car to pull it off but the contrast was eye catching to say the least.