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Looking for Body Shop in Southern California?

27 August 2000
Laguna Hills, CA
My 96 black targa was backed into by an unnamed family member. Pretty ugly damage to the right rear quarter panel. I am very concerned about finding the right shop to do the repair and hopefully match the paint. Looking for some first hand advice and a referral to a shop in southern california. I am in Orange County but would just about go anywhere in S.C. to get my baby back as it was yesterday. Help? Midlife Nsx
I can help you with that, I can recommend you JT Autobody in Rosemead California, They are by far the best, Actually, I was there yesterday and they painted a red NSX to Yellow....Looks GOOODDD, I hope to get my NSX soon, and thanks for the all the help Nsxotic and Nsxtasy, I really appreciate it.....e-mail me at [email protected], and I can get you a VERY good price...I know the owner.... hehe, if you would like to see some of JT Autobody's work, then go to www.jtautostyle.com, hope to hear from you soon. Take cares.

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JT Autobody is more of custom-build shop. I've spoken to the owner and I've seen their work upclose. They do a lot of custom modification work on import cars.

If you are interested in restoring your car to perfect factory condition, then I think San Pedro has more experience than anyone in SoCal.

Fleet Color is another place that's had some experience with NSX's - very little compared to San Pedro but their prices are probably a quite a bit lower: 626-330-5341. Talk to Marco.
The paint job on the NSX of JT was terrible. I would not recommend taking your car them unless if you want to add scissor door mods to your NSX....

I've seen the work by San Pedro and it is pertty good IMO. I've seen a quarter panel painted on green NSX and you could not tell the difference from the rest of the car. Color match was perfect! But you have to pay the price! Their estimate is double that of what you would pay from a different shop.

I believe San Pedro is having hard time justifying their cost to insurance companies for their work on NSX. So you might want to check with your insurance co.