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Looking for PPI with Compression - Augusta, GA

24 July 2010
Morgantown, WV
Hoping to to get PPI with Compression test in Augusta, GA, Wednesday or Thursday, but NOT at Acura of Augusta since I'm buying the car there.

Acura NSX Silver/Ebony 30,185 miles JH4NA1150MT002031

Any help is GREATLY appreciated


I wouldn't hesitate to have them do the compression or leakdown test.

Larry is a top NSX technician, and Jason, Joe, Ryan, and others are true car guys (owning NSX's and Ferrari's). Acura of Augusta is the only place I buy parts from too, they have the best prices and service.

My $0.02.

Thanks so much ! I have seen the thread. The car is Not snap ring. It has not had TB / WP done in over 8 years, so it's being done right now. Clutch was done at 26,500. I would like to fly out Friday night, buy it, drive it to CLT, spend the night, then make my way the the rest of the way home on Saturday.

Thanks again,

No, I think that badge came with the polished shifter, lol. I am going to have them remove the badge, I had them take off the tint on Saturday. Have you seen the car in person when you were there? The GM has owned it since 2004, and the Parts manager owned it before him.
I think I have. When they rebuilt my transmission and put in a new clutch for me (and a bunch of other work), I saw a silver one that was owned by one of the guys in the dealership. It was on a lift getting serviced, but they fired it up for me to hear the Taitec GTLW exhaust. That was 5 years ago, but it looked and sounded nice!

Oh yeah, when I was doing all of that work with them, they literally took the plastic off the seats of a brand new TL and gave it to me for over a week since I lived an hour away. That was the nicest free loaner I've ever had. :smile:

Good luck with the sale - it will be a fun trip home!

I still clearly remember over 7 years ago when I bought mine basically near Mexico, and drove it home to CT in two days :biggrin:

Dave, Sounds like the same car. It was originally sold in by Acura of Augusta and maintained at the delaership, the 2nd owner was the Parts Manager there, and the 3rd owner (since 2004) is the GM. Was hoping to fly down tomorrow and pick up my NSX, but not sure if that's happening. Might have to be in 2 weeks. I've waited 22 years, what's another two weeks (I keep having to say that in my head)

It'll be worth the wait!

Your previous plan for tomorrow sounded busy so I didn't want to offer before, but if you have more time when you make your trip back North in a few weeks after picking her up, let me know if you're interested seeing an NSX almost stripped to the shell (engine completely apart too).

Yeah man that car is super clean! Its basically sat in a warehouse since they have owned it. Not even the pictures do this thing justice!
Dave - I am flying in this evening. Will pick up the car, grab a bite with a childhood friend, who now lives in Augusta, then drive to CLT and spend the night. Have to get home to the Mrs. and Little one. You need to post pics and document your project

Chris - I am thinking it will look VERY nice. I had a bunch of stuff done so it will be 100% ready for my Daily Driver use. Tint removed, OEM wheels put back on (The roads here can be very unforgiving, I may upgrade to some 1994+ OEM rims later), New tires, TB / WP, valve adjustment, remove the "6 speed" badge, align to 1993+ specs, and some other stuff I'm sure. I see you have a GPW. I was talking to a guy in Toronto / Buffalo area about his very clean 92 a few weeks ago

Congratulations, and I completely understand! That's also why I made the 2000 mile trip back home in two days after buying my '92 :wink: That will be a pretty drive once you get North of Charlotte!

I have a thread and a few pictures dedicated to rebuilding the engine aspect, but wanted to show my oldest part-Brazilian daughter helping in the garage... she'll be starting BJJ this summer! We'll see how it goes, and then maybe the whole family will try it out.

Yeah mine usually sits for the most part as I spend so much time working to really enjoy the car. Its really good to see that car is going to a good home!

the drive, in any other car, would have been LONG, but in my NSX, it was AMAZING. I had to take down the Valentine One when I got to VA. No signs on the road stating radar detectors are illegal, but I remembered the being illegal there before. Found a nice car to follow, lost it, then tried to catch back up. The car was pulled over by the time I caught back up.

I will check out your thread for sure. I've been doing BJJ since 1997, so please let em know if you have any questions about the local talent in your area. I've competed in Charlotte a couple times, the BJJ community is very tight knit, so odds are where ever you guys end up training, we have some common friends


I'm going to enjoy the car for sure. Putting the stock springs back on. Will get a Clear Bra as well. The car was very well cared for. And I plan to continue that trend. Washed it for the 1st time today