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Looking for Shop in North Georgia Familiar With AEM FIC Tuning

Did you get it figured out Bob?

If not, my tuner is in Murfreesboro and might be able to help.
You know me, I'm only in Georgia for a month or so so it is difficult to work on the car. I did put a scanner on the car and it said problem with the map sensor which I kind of thought it might be so I ordered a new sensor and will try that when I get back next April. If that doesn't do it I will reach out to you for your tuners name.
Alright. Just let me know.

Here's a link to my friend: http://www.suja1motoring.com/
In case, you feel like looking into him or just contacting him to chat (let him know I sent you).
I've been friends with him since the mid-2000s and have driven up to him in Chicago just to get my car tuned, in the past.
But fortunately, he's a little closer now.

p.s. If I find some time, I could potentially go up and help you fix it/work on it before your April return.
Try ebtec in powder springs for AEM tuning. Ask for James. They can be found on facebook, youtube and instargam easily.