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Looks like we are losing one

LOL! met with the owner during the Fairlakes C&C, guess decision was made after all the GTR's showed up on Sunday!
LOL...im still here. Switzer'd GTR is in the running, but i havent decided on anything yet, nor am I in any rush or need to sell it. If I dont get what i want for it, then ill keep it :smile:

who knows if/when i sell it, but until then ill enjoy it and still do meets, etc. im actually still looking at exhaust, etc. :wink:

blue_myriddn: i gotta give you credit as I used one your pics from C&C...thanks! Ill buy you a coffee at the next one :)
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hehe - I noticed my photo in there, was kind of cool! Give me a hollar if you want the biggy size version of the photo.

Was a shame I missed the gathering this past weekend, looked like it was fun.