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Loss of traction

10 September 2019
I'm having trouble with loss of traction. I have 15k miles on my tires with down pipe, exhaust and JB4. Just last night I was driving 40moh and when I stepped on the gas pedal, my car started loosing control. It starts by veering to the left. I had it on race mode but it does it in sport + mode as well. I'm not sure if it's the tires or something else because I don't know why it pulls to the left. I was under the assumption that the electric motors and its torque vectoring keeps this car straight during hard acceleration. TBH, I'm feell to nervous to floor this car again after that experience. Luckily I was was able to gsin control of the car but a scarry feeling.
Well, If you are driving in race mode, which turns off traction control, and on old hard worn tires on a cold day, you're not going to have traction. Even if tires are newer, they are likely summer tires and will not work on a cold day. Whenever I take the car out on a cold day, I am VERY careful with the throttle, and I NEVER hit the throttle hard while turning.....
Yep start with tires(wear and pressures)/conditions/alignment....
If you roll on the power and exceed grip, the car will kick the driver side rear out and then correct (except in track mode).

What temp was this seen at?
The temperature was around 48 degrees. It was doing the same last summer as well when in sport plus mode. When flooring the car at a rolling start, the car seems to pull to the left a bit and looses traction. I was thinking to buy different tires as that might be the culprit. Any tire recommendations? I live in Vegas and mostly year round warm temperatures