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loud chattering noise from transmission??

11 September 2011
Modesto, CA but station in Washington
So early yesterday morning my NSX began to make some unusual noise. It is a chattering sound. When driving it the noise gets louder and when the clutch is pressed the noise turns into a grind. Almost sounds like the starter grinding when you try and start a car already started. The clutch was replaced with an exedy stage 3 clutch by the last owner. The clutch doesn't slip, but the release point is pretty high. Looked through FAQ and other owners post, but can't find the same match. I want to rule it as a throw out bearing or starter motor.
Does it still make noise when the car isn't moving? If it does it is more likely to be a problem with the clutch/pressure plate itself and not the transmission.
What clutch do you have? If you have the SOS carbon, it makes this noise. I think a few others do as well. You should be in Redmond this Saturday, let's take a look then. As long as it is engaging and you can drive it fine, no problem. If others are correct and it is the pressure plate, just make sure to rev-match when you down shift to preserve your synchronizers.