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Love My Car


12 April 2005
Im 24 Years Old And Dam This Car Will Ruin My Relationship The Attention Is Rediculous. Even Boys Are Looking To Hard (gay?) But Darn! Just Come From A Local Skating Rink Where 10min Before Closing All The Fancys Run Get Their Cars And Pull In Front For The Girls! Ok. So For Almost 9 Months I Have Been Seeing This So Tonight I Saw A Lexus Sc300 With The Lambo Doors Then A New Crysler 300m Then A Silver Benz Clk With Silver Rims. Then I Pulled The Space Ship Out And The Parking Lot Had Atleast 200 People And Everything Stopped! Silver 91 18inch Front Evos 19 Inch Rear Evos All Silver! That Silver Benz Had A Nice Honey With Him She Got Caught 3 Times Looking! Ha Ha Ha! When I Had My Grey Type Ii 19inch Rims I Got Looks But The 350z And Infinitys Was Taking Over But Tonight Was Better Than Sex! And I Dont Live With Mommy I Curently Own Two 3family Houses And Im A Postal Worker Not Married And Im The 2001 Golden Glove Champ 2003 State Champ 2004 State Champ 2004 Golden Glove Champ 2004 Diomond Glove Champ And Lost This Year 3-2 Decision In Finals 2005 Golden Glove Tournament Didnt Weigh Enough ! Any Realators On Prime? Im From New Jersey! Bottom Line Now My Prime Family Knows About Me And Me Writting This Is Just To Say If You Are Selling Or Sold Your Nsx You Are A Fool! Unless Emergency Or Financial Problems! Fool Foool Fool Fool.
24... will he make it to 25?!?

anderson152 said:

hmmm... Great to see your enthusiasm for the NSX! However, please heed this advise:
(and I don't mean about driving! :eek: )

Congratulations on your NSX.

I really wanted to read your post, just couldn't after seeing every word was capitalized; what is with that? Please, we beg you, if posting on this site, please use proper English, grammar, puncuation, etc.

I know the kiddy sites don't follow those rules, but that is their mistake.
"You are not your car, you are not how much money you have in the bank.. You are not your f***ing khakis" -- Tyler

Enjoy the car.. They are a blast; just don't forget that you too will get old and have erectile dysfunction. :)
Cairo94507 said:
every word was capitalized; what is with that?
I think the current version of vBulletin does that when a post is made in all caps.

Anyway, congratulations on your car anderson512. It certainly sounds like it pushes the right buttons for you and IMO that's what matters.
I'm glad you have enthusiasm. Keep on going and enjoy the heck out of it.

btw. While it's not my preference to have to read long run-on posts with strange caps, I can adapt and got your message loud and clear. No big deal.

Have a blast.
Congratz on your car and welcome to the club!

I hope the lack of coherent sentences is due to your excitement :biggrin:
Your reply made sense!

anderson152 said:
Watch It!

hmmm... My reference was just an observation that the original message may have been composed in a manic state of mind or substance-induced euporia. Seems like I wasn't the only person thinking that! If neither was the case, excellent! Otherwise, learn to use the smilies to the right to convey 'affect'!

99.999% of the content, demeanor, style of this site & it's forums is of quality, maturity, and meaning... That's what makes it a cut above the rest! :smile:

Keep enjoying the NSX, it's refreshing to see how appreciative one can be from owning such a car.