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[1st Gen] LoveFab, Inc. Introduces the LoveFab Drive By Wire AEM Infinity Management System

Once you have a calibration, you can copy and paste it as many times as you want. Most people are outsourcing for Tuning, so I don't expect to have to pay your higher rate for tuning for a "base" calibration when we can make our own just fine. My tuner is certified by Haltech, and more than competent to make a base map for my setup. Just selling the ECU and harness alone, you can make a tidy $500 profit. It would have been better to just Pm me as I need to buy the adapters / pieces you sell for the conversion, not a full package.
I wouldn't worry much about a base calibration if your tuner is Haltech certified, Boomslang provides a pinout diagram for configuring the calibration, that's all any Haltech tuner will need.
[MENTION=26586]NSX1145[/MENTION], hit me up in PM if you want to discuss further or need additional resources.