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Low oil pressure ??

6 September 2008
I have a 94 nsx automatic - at idle i have almost no oil pressure indicated on the guage. At 2000 rpm i have 2 kg/cm2 indicated. So far - no red warning light has appeared! Should i be concerned or is this normal? Thanx for your advice.
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My 91 reads low at idle also. I check my oil level at every fuel stop to be safe. I don't think it is a concern as long as your oil level is normal.

I performed a search using the hyperlink shown in the upper right and found these results with keywords "low oil pressure reading"

FAQ Link

Techincal Service Bullitins Link

TSB-91-008 Link

Enjoy your car, please post pics:biggrin:
I ditched my stock oil gauge and replaced it with an aftermarket oil pressure gauge. Just part of owning an older out-of-production car.
Mine does the same thing and I was scared about it at first, after asking a really good NSX guy in the business he told me not to worry and that the psi is really not as low as the gauge makes it out to be.
To save yourself a 20K engine, I would purchae $100 part oil pressure tester to check whether the gauage is right. Follow the service manual procedures and guidelines.