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MacMini in car dashboard

2 October 2001
This got sent to me. Some guy bought and installed a Apple Mini Mac in his car dashboard - went to a lot of trouble to do it too. Now he has bragging rights for having built-in Firewire, USB and bluetooth. ;)

<IMG SRC="http://tunertricks.com/blog/images/macmini/dash.JPG">

Full Story and photos here:
<B> http://tunertricks.com/blog/index.php?p=40 </B>

I guess he couldn't wait for his car to become obsolete quick enough... which is why he installed a Mac. :D :D :D OUCH! :D j/k where's my mate jimbo? ;) lol
I predicted this from day 1 when the Mini was announced and I saw it would fit in a DIN opening. I think we'll see all sorts of face plates and accessories for this little computer soon enough.
Neo - good find for us Mac addicts! But if you think the Macs would be obsolete some time you could also wait for the NSX to be obsolete (both have minor market shares but work extremely well) :tongue: