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major clutch chatter/trans noise in reverse

21 January 2004
North Brunswick/Long Branch NJ
HELP! I am just about to purchase a comptech supercharger and as I am backing into my driveway I experienced some major clutch chatter and serious vibration throughout the car. Felt like I was about to stall. I let the car sit and ran downstairs again after a couple of minutes and tried to replicate the problem and upon trying to back into my driveway it was worse and I finally stalled. Nothing with the forward gear (1st) but there is definatly somethinbg wrong. This has never happened before and the clutch and flywell are less than 2k old. THE CAR IS IN SNAP RING RANGE but the ring was inspected by our acura service rep and all seemed okay. HELP me im scared :frown:
What should I do?
I guess at this point there really isn't much to say.. It's gotta get fixed. Choices... do you fix it.. or go 6 speed?

NetViper said:
whatever you do, don't drive it.

I went forward and backwards to try to replicate the problem and I drove around my court. Maybe 50 ft and now she parked :frown: Any idea on pricing? should I go 6 speed? help :frown:
Actually.. thinking about it..

if i were in your situation... I'd fix the snap ring.. but while I'm there.. i'd change the gears out..

One of those things where people get you with: "While you're there...."

good luck.... sorry to hear about the situation.

Obviously, it is time for a new clutch....and a new transmission housing along with a mini-rebuild.

If the transmission is FUBAR, then you have a lot of options. Used, new 6 speed or a JP spec one.

I would still get the CTSC.*

The car is done moving under its own power.

Bummer. Sorry.

*Since you knew you knew your car was in the snap ring range, you have already pre-planned for this to occur and is not an additional expense.
Good idea, maybe a set of NSX-R gears would do me justice :wink:
I already pulled it into my driveway head first so they wont rip apart my SOS carbon fibre splitter getting it on the flatbed. :frown:
I already pulled it into my driveway head first so they wont rip apart my SOS carbon fibre splitter getting it on the flatbed. :frown:

If its not hard I would just remove it to be safe.
As Im sure you noticed its already destroyed and I have a new one is my shed. Guess it was good timing that I forget to install it for NSX DAY...