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Major Dilemma! Help!

31 January 2002
Raleigh, NC
Hello all! I am really stuck in my decision making process and hope that in all of your infinite wisdom, someone could shed some light on my issue.
I've been considering a 91 NSX with low miles (24k) I haven't pulled a service history on the car, but the car does have a tainted past. It is a 'theft recovery' vehcile. Now, this could be a great situation or a sketchy one. The car looks like it is in good condition and the price is reasonable, though I haven't seen it yet in person. My dilemma is if I were to get this vehicle, I would subsequently lose my current 2000 TL. Is there a comparison? New car, full warranty, capable of driving in the snow -vs.- an ultimate driving experience? The NSX would be my daily driver and I live in CT, so snow is definitely going to be an obstacle (but I would only drive 3 mi. to work and back. 3 turns). Also, I don't want to get into a situation where I would have to drop thousands to get it up to mechanically sound condition (ie. new belts, timing belt, clutch, etc.)
Any thoughts? The NSX has been a dream of mine, and autos are my passion.
Wait, another one will come by when you are financially ready. Never buy any car without a clean title and maintanence history. I have a feeling there will be more NSX's on the market with the restyle
and especially after the new car is introduced. Good luck and enjoy your TL in the meantime.
Yes, I would recommend AGAINST any cars that have a "theft recovery", "total loss", or anything with not-so good record on the car. You'd be amazed at how many used NSXs you'll come across, so have patience and make sure you do a thorough research and never settle for one.
As much as I love my NSX, I would not have it as my only car living in the NE. I have driven it in the snow and it is HORRIBLE! Wait until you can afford two cars. I agree with the others on their reccomendations on purchasing a bad titled car.
I have driven it in the snow and it is HORRIBLE!

Have you driven it with winter tires on it? High-performance tires (such as the OEM tires for the NSX) are not designed for use in colder temperatures or on snow or ice. That's what winter tires are for.
thanks, i was intending on getting winter rated tires if this were to become my daily. another factor that made me consider is the fact that i drive 3 miles to work and that is the ONLY time that i drive my car. the weekends, evenings, etc., always requires the use of the wife's odyssey. so, i thought it might be a good time in life to enjoy something that i have always wanted. it seems like this will be the only time. as we begin to expand the family, it seems getting one could be more of a challenge, and the practicality issues become really questionable.
my plan, get one know. deal with the rest of this winter, get a beater for the next winters! :^)
I'll make two suggestions:

1) Get an NSX.

2) Get a job further away from home.


'91 black/black
Get one now. But get one that has been well cared for. You should be able to get a nice '91 with reasonable miles for low thirties. That's a lot better value than spending a few thousand dollars less for one with title problems and/or poor condition.