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Map ECU- Eliminate MAF and Control Fuel

31 March 2005
Greetings to all,

Brand new, in box, Map ECU’s with the latest version2.2 software for sale.

For any of you who may not be familiar with the map ECU it is one of the easiest ways to eliminate your factory MAF sensor. It works as a piggy back system which also allows you to tune your fuel in accordance to both your rpms and boost levels. It is completely tunable using your pc, with 3-dimensional maps. Do not let this intimidate you, because it is very easy to get used to and tune yourself. More so than many others. Not only that, but the basic installation only requires connecting 4 wires.

Many of you may be familiar with the discontinued VPC and GCC which is familiar in nature, but much more inferior in truth. This unit is not designed like other piggy-back systems that are only able to control fuel at single rpm increments at only high throttle and low throttle positions. Instead you can perfectly match the air/fuel levels that you would like to be maintained throughout the movement of your RPMs no matter what the throttle position. This makes tuning much more safer and reliable. In addition to this, if your car is turbocharged, you will have the ability to maintain different air/fuel levels for different stages of RPMs under all amounts of boost to +30 PSI.

Here is a little bit about the Map ECU taken from the website. For more information or for wiring harnesses, I encourage you to look at the Map ECU website http://www.mapecu.com/merchant/mapecu.shtml

"The MAP-ECU (Manifold Absolute Pressure Electronic Control Unit) is the most powerful piggy-back speed density conversion device on the market today. MAP-ECU (Manifold Absolute Pressure Electronic Control Unit) is designed to provide two main functions:
Removal of the stock air flow meter (hotwire, flap, and Karman-Vortex style) and conversion to speed-density (MAP) based tuning.
Complete control over your OEM ECM fuel table by tuning the air flow signal traveling to the ECM, allowing you to install larger injectors, forced induction, or other major engine modifications.
The MAP-ECU will work on any late model fuel injected vehicle using most major types of air metering systems (hotwire, flap, and Karman-Vortex) found in use today. It can be installed on any 1-16 cylinder engine in less than an hour, and completely replaces the restrictive factory air meter. The MAP-ECU is capable of running on most any modern 1-16 cylinder EFI vehicle using an intake air metering system (Hotwire, MAF, Karman-Vortex, and MAP). This small (3”x6”) electronic control unit packs a host of features normally found on more expensive and complex stand-alone EMS systems. However, the MAP-ECU works in conjunction with the stock ECM to give the day to day driveability needed for a street vehicle while allowing end user fuel tuning. The MAP-ECU replaces all supplemental fuel computers and allows you to tune the vehicle for larger fuel injectors, larger camshafts, revised intake configurations, or aftermarket forced induction systems. It’s perfect for forced induction conversions where the factory air metering system is unable to cope with increased airflow levels. The MAP-ECU allows you to completely remove the factory air metering system and run a more forced induction friendly speed-density system. The powerful windows-based MAP-CAL software allows the user to map the airflow voltage on a scale of 0-8000 RPM and -10 to 30 PSI. MAP-CAL also packs numerous tuning features such as data logging of major engine parameters, NOS control, two auxiliary outputs, and wideband O2 sensor support for popular aftermarket wideband controllers."

This unit retails for $895, but I am looking to get around $840.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or (505)930-0321