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MasterTech says I "Might" need a new clutch soon..:(

12 April 2005
Ventura - LA County

After an Oil change and throtle body cleaning from the Local dealer, the MasterTech (Very cool guy and knows a lot about NSXs) says that the car is in PERFECT Mechanical condition all around except that I MAY need a new clutch soon..After talking with the parts dept. It looks to be around $2400 installed..($1700 for parts alone :eek: ).

I found a PAIR of discs (BRAND NEW OEM) for fairly cheap and i was wondering what ELSE I need to get. Per the MasterTech, he advised that I buy the parts somewhere else as he knows I can get it cheaper specially from dealers that give discounts to NSXCA members and He will install them for me.

So far I got the Discs (~$250.00)..Is this ENOUGH to get the car in decent running shape?.. Tech says it only slips on First/2Nd gear and is fine the rest of the way..He also estimated between 2-4K miles left.

What do you think?? Should I get the rest of the stuff replaced or go out and get an AFTERMARKET set?

I don't drive crazy cuz I'm more of a BLVD Cruiser :biggrin: :rolleyes: .

I would recommend you replace the entire clutch assembly, but if you purchased the disks you cannot buy the other parts separately. Hope your flywheel and the rest is OK. Personally I would not expect a garauntee if you go this route.

There are a few vendors that will rebuild your clutch, like Centerforce, but you would have to send the core to them, which will lay the car up for a while, unless you can get another core.

>What do you think??

I would suspect that you would be OK with just a disc change. You will have to replace it all next time.

> Should I get the rest of the stuff replaced or go out

I would guess that you are committed with the purchase of the discs only (because they would be a complete loss otherwise, as you can't get the other parts seperately. And the pressure plate can be rebuilt too....but you will be trading time for money.)

Spending $950 to try and save $1500 is good enough for me. No guarantees, but it should work OK. I have replaced discs every other time on other cars and it was satisfactory.


Out of all of this is that the clutch will slip more in HIGHER gears, not lower ones. I think you have a few dozen miles left. Get it apart now or you will have junk for a flywheel and/or pressure plate. If he meant 2 miles to 2,000 miles that would be correct...but I would lean hard on TWO.


/I do have a brand new OEM flywheel I will consider selling if yours is no good.