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Mazda's new rotory 1.6 liter engine

26 February 2007
37°22′17″N 122°8′15″W

Looks like it should be making 300-350hp normally aspirated and better fuel economy from the direct injection.

Also since the side housings are going to be aluminum, I wouldn't be surprise if the engine was around 150lbs.

Now, all Mazda needs to do is make their shit look good....
Looks to have some potential. It'll be interesting to see how the aluminum holds up and if it actually does attain 350z levels of power with gas mileage that is better then the current RX-8. Now that would be fun in a miata.
Imagine if it was reliable and wasnt a POS:biggrin:
Where does it talk about 300-350HP? The current 1.3 makes 232. Based on HP/L looks like it would top out at 285. I guess the direct injection might add another 10% which would be over 300HP.