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Merry Christmas everyone.

14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
Hope Santa brings that Titanium exhaust you asked for. If not, just buy the damn thing. :wink:
MERRY CHRISTMAS or whatever you are celebrating.:smile:
same here a blessed Christmas to all...
Love it Mr Griswold
Merry Christmas to all.

The gifts are all over the downstairs, waiting on the kids to wake up.

Made an egg and sausage casserole as well as cheese grits for tomorrow. Mmm mmm.
2021 bump!! Once again ....blessed Christmas to all.. gather and remember the most vulnerable! Happy Belated Hanukkah...or festivus!
Merry Christmas! And Festivus!
Yep, another Merry Christmas. Hope everyone and their families are happy and healthy.
Its a Festivus for the rest of us.:wink:
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HaHa Chinese and a movie tonight!
Love the Hill O lights Bob...The second "light" show aint bad either...:wink:
Best Wishes for the New Year Everybody! Happy NSXing!!

Best Wishes for the New Year Everybody! Happy NSXing!!:biggrin: