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MITA Motorsports 7S wheels

14 November 2018
I "recently" purchased a set of replica 1994-2001 wheels (7S wheels in MITA parlance). You can see them at this link https://www.mitamotorsports.com/1st-gen/7s-wheel

I quote recently because I ordered and paid for them on 10 September 2020, and they didn't arrive until 10 January 2021. I knew they'd take awhile between manufacturing, shipping, customs and a little extra COVID factor, however I didn't expect 4 whole months. That being said, I feel they are worth the wait. They arrived in individual double boxes and completely undamaged. Although it looked like one box opened during shipping (it was clearly re-taped), it was unblemished and still had the valve stem that was supplied with each wheel. I elected to not use the valve stems they supplied, as they were black with a yellow cap and I wanted to keep the silver-ish theme.

I ordered the staggered set, and though the website recommends a 255 for the rear wheels, tire rack didn't like that and after I ordered tires they called and recommended a 275. We settled on a 265 and that seems about right. TCS still works and the stance looks balanced. The car still handles pretty neutrally, with oversteer not too hard to induce when needed. The car is on stock suspension and stock brakes, and it looks like a 275 would fit no problem, if you wanted that.

The whole experience was pretty good, despite the long time to arrive, the customer support was very prompt with responding to emails and incredibly helpful. The only nit I would have to pick about the wheels is that the lug holes appear to have missed a coat of paint. Not a big issue, as I kept the black lug nuts the car came with.

As you can see, I am missing some center caps, but they are on the way. I wanted the ones that say "Acura" and not a Honda "H" or an Acura "A" and they were actually able to find me a set.

Here's some pictures of the wheels on the car, and a close up of the recesses for the lug nuts that I mentioned earlier.




Beautiful. Do they look very similar to the OEM wheels? Also, are they Solaris Silver color?
I don't have a stock set of this style wheels to compare them with, but to me they look very similar. What I like is that they slightly bigger. These are 17/18 versus 16/17 for the stock version, and yes they are Solaris Silver, which is a little darker than I would have liked, but I think it will grow on me, especially when the center caps arrive.
Those look great!
Looking sweet! Would you mind snapping a few more photos from other angles? Front and rear 3/4 view would be great to see fitment. There are currently no other photos of these wheels installed on cars!
Sorry for the delay, but excuses are like....well. Regardless, here's a couple pics as she was getting the trailer to go to storage for the winter. In the sun the color difference between the caps and the wheels is much less noticeable.

farncis must be your middle name.....