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Model year changes

2 November 2005
Sarasota, FL
Is there a list somewhere that shows the changes made for each year? I did a couple of searches here but didn't find anything.

It looks like the most significant change came in 97 with the increase in displacement. Are these cars more in demand?
It depends on if you looking for a removable top or a coupe. If you are looking for a removable top, then '97 and up are the way to go. '95 and '96 have removable tops, but they have the 3.0L engine with the 5 speed. '97 is when Acura changed to the 3.2L and 6 speed transmission, increasing the acceleration time a bit to make up for the difference in the added weight.

Personally, I went with the '94 as I do not like convertibles. There are coupes ('97 - '2001) with the 3.2L and 6 speed engine out there, but you have to look very hard as they were special order only - thus pretty rare. The Zanardi edition is also out there ('99 with 3.2L and 6 speed), but only 50 were made.