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Monday,Friday,Saturday Night Gatherings.

31 March 2007
Hi everyone i got a promblem, i frequently go to car shows with my nsx and im always the only one. i dont get the respect that other cars get and i think if we start to meet with each other at these type of shows, our car will finally be looked at the way it supposed to be( i think).just a idea.

the car show goes on weekly and there are always groups like mustangs corvette's and i think it's time for the nsx to take over!:cool: so if your interested the show, the shows takes place as follows:

monday night- amc theatre in woodbridge ,hwy7 and jane.5:00pm-9:30 ish

friday night- swiss chalet parking lot in brampton, queen and west dr. 5:00-9:30 ish.

saturday night- canadian tire at queensway just east of the 427,5:00-9:30ish

so there are some of the show dates if your interested let me know ( via post) and i'll be happy to have some company:biggrin:
well im located in brampton but maybe other people with there nsx that live a little closer to you can cruise with you unless you wanna go to brampton:tongue:
Id definetly like to come out and check some of those spots out even tho my nsx is far from show ready :(
I have a suggestion...

Seabass why don't you pick a date in the future, that you think will be most convenient, and we can advertise it as a club event, and get a whole wack of us out for it?

I'll help by sending emails etc, but I think it's a great idea. Pick a location that's as central as possible, and a night that you think would be best and let us know.

What do you think?
ok thats sounds great as for the best ideal night it would have to be the saturday night cruise it is always a great cruise and is ideal becasue of it's location (qew&427). aswell there are two sections pre 84's and 85's and up, there is lots of variety. the show is always jammed and it's a fun way to spend a saturday evening, but you have to be there around 6:00pm, because by 7 the lot is full (450 car Approx). so yes swbatte if you like to post it as a event, hopefully we can get the club out to the show, i think the 30th of august would be a good date to aim for,:biggrin: hope to see everyone there!.

P.s the 30th is the date but the show goes on every saturday till mid september.