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Montréal Bachelor Party….

4 August 2004
New York
Hey Fellas,

I am going to a bachelor party in Montréal, June 23rd - 26th. I have no idea of what to expect except that it is going to be pretty crazy. There are about 24 of us going right now, and people seem to be adding on daily. I wanted to ask all of you that spent any time in Montréal for vacation or a bachelor party to maybe share some stories and insight of how it will be. I mean clubs, strip clubs, drinking, the whole 9 yards when it comes to a bachelor party out there. I have heard a few good things from people that have never been there before so I thought I would try to get some insight from you guys.
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Good news:
I'm 1.5hrs away, and let me tell you, you're in for one hell of a weekend! :biggrin:

Bad news:
Their roads are terrible/brutal/horrible! :mad:
Not ideal for driving anything of semi value, let alone an NSX. :frown:
I hear their strip clubs are like brothels! :biggrin:
Montreal is the greatest place on Earth. Where else can you find a church and a strip club on the same block. :biggrin: