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More Newb - What to Bring to Track, etc.

5 June 2006
Metrowest, MA
Hi All-

Trying to get as much information as possible prior to attending the Trackmasters event at Watkins Glen for the first time. What should I bring in addition to the following?

  • Additional Front Brake Pads
  • Few Quarts of Oil, Brake Fluid
  • Fluids for myself
  • Helmet (duh)
  • Windshield Cleaner and Paper Towels

Where does this gear get stored? I know the trunk and glove box have to be completely empty, but it would also seem that this stuff needs to be at the track. Is that what the garage bays are for?

What do people typically wear? Are jeans typical? I'd rather not show up being Mr. Pimped Out Track Guy, but I also don't want to show up missing something obvious or important. Anything I should do to prepare other than safety inspection, changing brake fluid, and bedding the brakes? Thanks as always for the insight.
If you changed out your brake fluid before the event I can't imagine you would need to bring any brake fluid with you so that will save some space for a few more water bottles. :wink:

Long shirts and long pants are required and you will see people wearing everything from jeans to firesuits, with most novices being in the jeans category. Wear a long sleeve cotton shirt and avoid synthetics. If you don't already have them, driving shoes and gloves come in handy.

I would also recommend that you bring a torque wrench. Although most of us have one with us, your lugs might be a different size depending upon the wheels you are running so it is best to make sure you have one that fits your car just in case.

If you didn't sign up early and pay for a garage bay you would normally have to store your gear outside where you park your car, preferably on/under a tarp. You will find that you can trust your fellow track rats and leave stuff around without worrying about anything disappearing. Depending upon how much gear you have, you can store it in my garage bay if you like.

Also, don't worry about forgetting things since there is a Walmart in town and you can always stock up on fluids, both personal and auto, if you need to once you get there.

Make sure you have the Trackmasters tech sheet completed and signed to bring up with you. Also download and fill out the medical form to save time the morning of registration.
Sounds like you're pretty much ready to go.

Some things I might add that I carry along:

Tire pressure gauge
Folding lawn chair (for waiting around)
Duffle bag - to store all the junk that's not suppose to be in your car
High energy snack foods & plently of liquids (don't want to be hypoglycemic)
Comfortable clothes OK (don't see any novice people wearing a full nomex suit)
Digital camera (to post pics here)

Have Fun! - I'll be at tomorrow's Thunderhill's Hooked-On Driving Event to try to improve my skills.
This is what I do when I still using 15/16

in the trunk: Box containing brake fluid, extra pads, brake lines, tools and gloves, tire pressure gauge...etc.
Jack, 2 jack stands, 2 big bottles of water, coolant, motor oil. torque wrerch and sockets. one 16 wheel and tire.
folding chair.

inside the car: 2 helmets. the other 3 wheels/tires. little cooler with soft drink and redbull.

trust me, they all fit and even those tires won't interfere your outward vision/mirrors and shifting.

Now that I don't use 15/16 anymore, I can afford to put more junk in it. even a 10 by 10 tent will fit in passenger area.
EVERYTIME I go to the track I NEED a TRAILER :eek:

Even if I'm sharing a car like 2 weekends ago.................Sorry TiDave :redface:

Shad to the rescue.......................he needs a cape :smile:
I would probably add a set of racing gloves.


1. My hands get really wet while I drive on the track
2. When you point your hands to give pass signals, it's more visible for others to see than bare hands as gloves are usually red or blue.
3. When you check tire pressures after each run, the valve stems get really hot - gloves often protected me from getting burn marks..
4. I feel like I am driving a race car with a set of racing gloves on :biggrin:
How about a CG lock? I have not heard this mentioned or see it in the FAQ? Isn't this thing a necessity for factory belts?
How about a CG lock? I have not heard this mentioned or see it in the FAQ? Isn't this thing a necessity for factory belts?

You'll get the same answers you got last time you asked,don't worry about cg locks your first wkend out.Bring a cooler to put your drinks in.You can stop each morning at the sunoco in town and stock up,they sell ice.Folding chair is key but as a student and being your first time you'll probably be in constant motion anyway.Make sure your footwear is not too wide so as not to get caught up in your pedels.
Re: Now if you're above average.......

And if you're one of "those guys," after 2 or 3 trackdays, you'll probably need a wheelbarrow for your cojones and one of these for all the passengers who will want a ride: :eek: