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More questions on possible wheel/tire replacements

28 March 2005
Carmel, IN
Fist of all special thanks to all that posted in the "Ultimate NSX wheel guide!" thread. I found that very helpful. Personally I think the thread should be made a sticky in the Tire and Wheel forum.

Anway, I have an 05 that has the follwoing stock wheels and tires :
Front : 17 x 7 wheel with a 215/40 R17 tire
Rear : 17 x 9 wheel with a 255/40 R17 tire

I'm looking at replacing these with
Front : 17 x 7.5 wheel with a 215/40 R17 tire
Rear : 18 x 9.5 wheel with a 265/35 R18 tire

Currently I'm looking at Yokohama ES100's for the tire replacement

Up to this point, the most I have done with wheels and tires is buy snow tires and wheels a few years ago. So I'm less than confident with what I'm doing. But I fine with taking a conservative approach to ensure no rubbing and proper clearance of the wheel.

So any comments would be appreciate.

I have 17x8 and 18x9 with those same tires and sizes and it works great with no rubbing. Just make sure you get the correct offset. Tom at R-P motorsports (he started the ultimate wheel guide thread) can hook you up and will make sure they fit properly.
I agree. Those sizes should work fine.

The Yokohama ES100 is a "budget performance" tire, designed to offer decent performance at a fraction of the price of top-of-the-line tires. It has okay dry traction, very good wet traction, and very good treadlife. Its overall performance is a significant step down from the stock Bridgestone RE040 tires as well as top aftermarket choices such as the Goodyear F1 GS-D3 and Dunlop SP Sport Maxx. If you're willing to accept reduced performance for a lower purchase price, it's fine; if you're not, I would suggest one of the latter.
I knew I was going to miss something!

Bolt pattern 5x114

Looks like for the rear I have a "choice" of offset with that bolt pattern of 40mm or 55mm. I can't find the front offset as of yet.

Cany one let me know if these offset's work and what I should be shooting for on the front?