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Moving to Honolulu

I think I will end up going with your suggestion Chris and just swap in a factory suspension before inspection as well as finding some 9006 bulbs. Luckily I have the OEM 95 suspension in the container so once I unload that I will have something to use. I should learn/buy tools to do this suspension swap myself I guess. What a pain in the ass ~ at least it seems a little easier than putting emissions equipment on a car to pass smog in CA every year and it'll give me an excuse to tinker with suspension settings at least annually.

Also got questioned by HPD for the first time yesterday. A cop in Ala Moana stopped me to ask why I had no front plate and I pointed out I was out of state. We ended up just talking about the car for a bit ("this is a really nice car, I hope you keep it clean like this, wow") so that was kinda cool. Worrisome they enforce this strictly though.
Worrisome they enforce this strictly though.

Seems like the cops out there are bored since the street racing peaked and died down a bit (or at least got better at being super-underground)