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Mt. Charleston Drive Pictures (August Las Vegas Meet)

9 February 2000
San Diego!!!!
This weekend I was able to take a quick trip to Las Vegas. Coincidently, the Las Vegas group was having their monthly meet the same weekend. I took the opportunity to meet up with them and was offered a scenic lunch and drive up to Mt. Charleston just thirty minutes from the city. The temperature in the city was in the triple digits, just a bit too high for a San Diegan. :D But the weather up in the mountain was so much better. I'll have to remember to head out there again when I get the chance. :)

Thanks a bunch to a swell group of NSXers from Las Vegas. :) I had a great time. Hope to meet up with you again.


(More pics can be found here .)




Hey Randy,

Thanks for posting the pics. It was great to meet you Randy. Sandra and I had a blast this weekend. I'll post some of my pictures later. I'm looking forward to seeing the ones with the expensive camera ;)

DAMN!! that look fun. Randy you're in VEGAS....I want to go next time.Did you get a ride in the Lotus?? I love that car..
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Damn it Randy you didn't move that old tire...... :frown: Butt im still loving the last picture with that old tire in it :biggrin: ......... Thanks for all the Pictures......