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Muffler's/Exhaust ?'s...

17 February 2001
Can you tell me if you know of any types of mufflers with a throaty or racing style sound I could find by itself? And where I could possibly pick one up? I've heard of Borla, Dyno Max, etc, but not sure if they are sold seperately. The one on my Nsx was built originally by Hennessey..but don't think they make it anymore. Mine seems to be going out on me and I'm not looking to replace the whole exhaust system, just the muffler. Geez...Do I have to replace the entire system if the muffler's going bad? Thanks.


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It sounds like you have a custom exhaust setup. Your options are:

- or -

1. Replace the entire thing with a cat-back system.

2. Have a custom exhaust shop do a rebuild using the muffler of your choice (your exhaust shop can advise you what will work with the setup you have). But before you rebuild it, figure out what it's going bad. If the design is faulty you may just blow whatever other muffler you use.