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Multi car forum drive, Sun 27th

suppose to rain sunday :frown: but i'll be there considering its 20 minutes from my house :biggrin: and my friend has a gtr :biggrin:
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Not sure if anyone is interested. I just want to get out and drive....we can always pass by or whatever.

The Moderator Casey (who posted it) is a good friend of mine and organized the whole thing. He had one earlier in the year and it turned out pretty good. I will be there again. You guys should all come out to make it a bigger event. It'll mostly be 240's and 180's and EVO's... But hey, let's make it an NSX event! :tongue:
It's scheduled to rain...do you guys still get together if the weather is shotty? I guess I could drive my M-3.
If it's raining, I probably won't bother. But you can never tell with the weather around here.

I'm not *really* supposed to be hammering on my car anyhow, so I don't even know if it's a good idea for me to do a drive like this. I have a hard time resisting.
Oh come on... these cars are meant to be hammered on! :tongue:

I'll be out rain or shine! :cool: