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My A/C quit - need help!

1 March 2001
Nashville, Tennessee USA
Well, the weather is heating up here in Nashville, so I turned on the A/C several days ago, and all the system is doing is blowing vent air. The compressor is not kicking on at all, I believe.

I know that on most cars, the air conditioning compressor will not engage if it is very low or out of freon. Could this be my problem, or could my problem be worse (ie. fried compressor)?
Take it to Barn Man, who is on these forums. He's an experienced NSX tech at Gary Force Acura in Nashville and he should be able to diagnose and repair the problem.
Hi Barney,

I called earlier this week and they said you were no longer at Gary Force Acura. Just kidding

Seriously, I did call, and they said you'd be out on vacation until next week. Is there any way I can schedule an appointment and wait while you check out the NSX? If it's something complicated, I can always leave the car all day and catch a ride home.