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My Experience with CODY at LOVEFAB

30 January 2010
R lington va
Hey Everyone, Ive been wanting to to post This Review for a very long time about the experience with Cody at LOVEFAB. Here we go.., in Jan of this year i had Given my car to Cody to install my New upgraded stage 2 LoveFab turbo kit with a bigger turbo (6766 precision and 1000cc Injectors). Cody said that it wouldn't take no more than 2 weeks. I told CODY to take his time and there is no rush. I received my car just under a month and a half. i wasn't mad about that. Due to other complication that my car had and he repaired it ($2,500 more for alternator and Screws and Rewiring the electrical cables). 3 days before he delivers my car, he call me and said i am tuning and dynoing your car. good? no, he tells me that the dyno was not reading incorrectly and he couldn't get me an accurate result and he felt bad. i asked him, what do you think in your experience what my car is running at. CODY tells with no doubt, my car is 450+ wrhp. i gotten really excited and couldn't wait to get my car back. CODY tells me to book a dyno day at a place where i lived so we could get correct reading. but the catch was i had to pay out of my pocket which i had paid him over $15k. by the time when i received my car, it was raining, and it was 8:30pm. dyno appt canceled. anyways, no worries right? He starts my car up and my car is idling very funny. from 0-1k rpm (its idling up and down). he said you should be good, i gave you a base tune. remember, this is my first car getting Turboed, and giving it to a Professional to take of. so, i didnt know what he meant by a base tune. i said ok. Then he would tell me that he only installed 750cc. But i paid for 1000cc injectors. Cody would tell me when your ready to do your build, i would replace them to 1000cc. i said fine. A week goes by while driving on RT 28, Hijakcker, another PRIME member said that he saw me take off and i had too much blue smoke coming out when i was in BOOST. Little did i know at that time, i told him its a turbo car, its suppose to be like that. Boy i was wrong. i took it to Ptuning in VA for a dyno day. it reads 361wrhp at 6.5 psi. member that he said that my car is 450+wrhp. now i felt that i got taken advantage of. so i called him right then and there. he tells me that he for gotten to turn some switch on and i would of gotten 40hp more... What?! You forgot?!?!? i didn't pay for someone to forget. then i figured out that he didn't really tune my car, which i paid for too!!! I started doubting his work, so i took my car to Matt Shue in Richmond VA to tune my car. so now i am paying more out of pocket which i shouldn't of. whatever, i just wanted my car to be right. Matt had asked to get specs for my car so he could tune it. I was suppose to have a 3.5 bar map sensor. when we checked it was still a STOCK one. Im like, WTF?!?! I Paid for 1000cc injectors, 3.5 map sensor and i didn't get them. Cody tells me that he forgot to install it. so many cars and couldn't remember what he put in there. CODY , you are a Custom Fabricator and do this day in and out. how did you forget?!?! he didn't forget, he never tuned my car so why would he even install it!!!!! He tells me that he is booked but i can go down there in a month to tune it or I have to fly him out so he can redo his F--- UP! excuse my French. So now im heated! Why in hell would i fly you out to fix your MESS!!! I told him, just send me my stuff that you owed me and i will call it a day. Cody says, i would have to send my injectors first and then he will send me his. WTF?!?!? are you serious?!?! CODY says how do i know that you are going to send me the injectors back if he sends me the 1000cc. OMG! R U SERIOUS?!?! Until to today, i had given him plenty of chances before posting my Experience. Numerous emails and text, and phone calls!!! I am fed up and everyone should know about this! i understand business could be hectic, but WE NSX Owners are a nitch Community! We just wanted to be treated Fair!

By the way, MATT SHUE tuned my car at 9psi @ 453wrhp!!!!

In conclusion, i still HAVEN'T received what was OWED to me (1000cc Injectors) $650, thats it!. Now its at BEN at DAISEY Auto getting a Fully built top and bottom end. Lovefabs kit is a nice kit. i would by another kit, but i DON"T AND WOULDN'T TRUST Cody to do anything more than that. What ever he says, i just cant take him seriously. Who knows, it could of just been me and only me that this happen to. There are some stuff that i left out, but it would be too long for this. Unless you drive your car down and you are physically there, and watching over his work, then your Probably fine(Questionable). Cody tend to buy time by telling you that he doesn't have money to finish it (BullS----) or he will tell you that something is wrong with your car (BullS----).