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My favorite NSX build

3 April 2012
Saint Paul MN
Hi guys, I thought it might be time for a build thread for my 1992 NSX because I am starting to get the mod bug, and would like to document the results :)

A little background about myself, I am die hard Honda/Acura enthusiast to the bone, and have had multiple other modded Hondas, tastefully modded I might add. Right before buying my NSX in April 2012, I had a 2006 RSX type-s with a handful of NA mods (1/4mile 13.7 @ 102mph; 232whp); and while this car was a blast to drive, I still wanted something more. So that is where the NSX fits in to place. Before I get ahead of myself, here are a couple shots of my RSX



I had just started throwing a lot of money at the RSX when it just hit me one day, I should be modding an NSX, and so began the search. After some searching I came across 2 very different, yet equally desirable to me (at the time), NSX's. 1<sup>st</sup> NSX was a Black/Black 95 in Texas, had about 150k miles on it, but was in my price range at 23k. The 2<sup>nd</sup> was a Black/Black 92 in Michigan, this one had 60k miles, but the price was quite steep at almost 30k. At the time, I really wanted the 92, but it seemed a little out of my price range. One day, I just picked up the phone and called up Walter, the owner of the 92 in Michigan, and told him flat out that I want his car but I could not afford the price tag. Whether he sympathized with me, or just plain wanted the car gone, Im not sure, but we came to a very reasonable price that we both agreed upon.

The next day I hopped on a plane from Minneapolis MN to Traverse City Michigan. My flight left at 6am, and I got back into my driveway at 11pm that same night after an 11 hour drive in my new to me NSX! I wish I would have had more time to enjoy the drive and take more pictures, but honestly, I just wanted to get home!

Here is the NSX the very next morning! I had to drive it to work, no one believed that I could fly out to Michigan and drive back with a new car in one day...


First thing is first, those wheels are disgusting. I started to browse 94-01 wheels but was a bit surprised by how spendy they were, so I decided to keep browsing. One day on NSXprime I see a set of CE28n's pop up for sale, well thats pretty cool, these have been my favorite wheels that I had never owned! Luckily, the seller, Brylek, lived near Chicago, so we met half way, still a 4 hour drive for each of us, but well worth it!




Next things that needed changing was the monster truck ride height, gold exhaust tips, oem antenna, and the gold emblem up front. So I picked up a new Pride V1 from Mark, wow, this is some awesome looking and sounding exhaust!


And here it is installed :)

Next mod was suspension. Since I dont track the car right now, I decided to go with lowering springs. I really wanted Eibachs, and it seemed they were discontinued, so I was forced to buy them used.. Anyways, while installing these, I noticed one of my struts was shot, so I replaced that as well. Here is a picture of the first time pulling out of the driveway with the lowering springs.


Guppy Attack antenna


Here is a couple shots from a quick photo shoot a buddy did. Notice the updated Acura emblem up front, and my ricey painted calipers :)



This pretty much brings me to yesterday. What happened yesterday you ask? I just ordered some 02+ tail lights and 02+ DF rear valence. I am super excited to see these mods on my car!

Next mods to come (dreaming...):
02+ side skirts
front lip of some sort?
KW or BC coilovers, or something of the sort
SOS headers/testpipes
AEM ems
RDX injector upgrade
BBSC or maybe turbo eventually

I will leave you with some random pics of my car from the last Cars and Coffee :)



Thanks for reading guys.

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Car looks great. I too moved up from an RSX-S. it's a great feeling. Congrats on the buy. Your car looks great.
congrats man car looks awesome thus far and i enjoyed your story as well.

looking forward to see this beast evolve.
I took some cell phone pics down by the river today. I am hoping the snow holds off long enough that I can get a quick photoshoot with the 02+ rear valence and tail lights.









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New parts arrived :) Will be installing tonight :biggrin::biggrin:




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I got the tail lights and rear valence almost done last night. Just need to bolt the bumper into place and fiddle with the fitment a little bit.



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Thinking I might drive the NSX to work tomorrow. I have a cadaver lab in downtown tomorrow afternoon.. It would be fun to get a last ride in for the year..
Better picture of the rear :)