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My First NSX

6 June 2005
Hey guys,

i'm the proud new owner of a 2002 Silverstone Acura NSX!

I traded in my '03 Evolution VII (needed something with a little more class :wink:) and picked the NSX up for $64k with 12k miles on it, good deal or no?

So far the only problem it had was the switch for the drivers side window was bad (window did not want to roll up) but that was covered under warranty.

It doesn't really matter because I LOVE THE CAR! :biggrin:

I don't plan to get too crazy with mods (if i wanted to make 600+ HP car i would have stuck with the Evo) just wheels and suspension for now.

Anyway, im glad to finally be a part of the NSX family and i hope to find some good info and good people on this board.

Here is a pic of my NSX, and my old evo in the background :wink:


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The Evo is fast, but fast isn't everything.. :)

Congratulations. I cant realy welcome you to the nsx family because i dont own one :smile:.

The nsx looks sweet. I love the silver evo too. You got any pictures off them standing side by side?
BEAUTIFUL CHOICE! I think you did just fine on the price too. More importantly you will be as happy as the rest of us are to own an outstanding peice of engineering. congrats! Oh and I hate you for being able to afford it!
Welcome, and I think you will find this is the best owners group period regardless of mark. Great people, great advise, super car.
Wow. I love it. Congrats! $64 sounds like a cool deal as I hear EVO's are getting NOTHING for trade in. Enjoy! Keep us posted on your mods!

I am curious though, how did they treat you wanting to test drive a NSX pulling up in a EVO? When I did the opposite, pulled up in my NSX wishing to drive the EVO, they barely gave me the time of day and told me I could be taken on a test-ride, but couldn't drive the car. What a joke. Of course, that was when they first came out - but still!
Silverstone, the only way to do. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

PS. The MOD GOD will be hunting you the more you visit this site
Thanks to all for the kind words and warm welcome :biggrin:

now, to answer a few questions:

NetViper -
First, they DIDNT let me test drive the car, unfortunately. They only let me turn it on so i could see that everything was in working order :frown:. Everything worked out though, the car drives perfectly.

Second, yes i got RAPED on the Evo trade-in. KBB price with my mileage and year (2003/22k mi) was around 22k. The dealer gave me...19k :mad: Which left me with 2k after the Evo was paid off. Good thing i had another 5k to put down on top of that.

Anyway, as far as mods go, i won't be doin anything serious for a while due to my new car/insurance payments :smile: But first on my list are wheels (leaning towards 18/19" Volk SF-Challenge) and suspension (unsure atm).

I'll keep everyone posted! :wink:

very nice car and i know howe you feel i got my first NSX last weekend.

We bought it 1200 kilometers from our vilage

I hope you wil have enough lovely miles on the car after a few years

enjoy it.

greatings from the netherland

no test drive eh? thats odd... i realize they don't let you joyride these things, but wow... i've heard of some letting you drive it after like a deposit, or cleared financing

I would have walked away if I hadn't driven the model car before and they wouldn't let me under any circumstances... even an NSX
Similar thing happened at our local Acura dealer here (Pikes Peak Acura). I went in to look at a '96 white NSX they had ... it was beat up, had ghost flames, high mileage and was overpriced, but they flat out told me "You need to buy it before you test drive it. We're sure you'll love it and want to keep it. But if you don't, then we'll buy it back."

Yeah, right. I'm gonna go through all that BS.

They had dozens of SUVs for sale at higher prices than the NSX. What do they think it is? A Carrera GT or something?

Needless to say, I walked out, and bought a much nicer 97 from a Prime member. I should go back and show them!
The 05 evos feel much better due to the torque and power increase. The dealer gave me 21K for trade on my 03 evo in exhanged for my 05 MR. But that was towards the end of last year.

I decided to go with both the NSX and Evo :biggrin:
That is a pretty sweet Evo......but the NSX is surely nicer. ;)
Congrat's and welcome to the cult Beautiful color combo.
I know the feeling. I picked mine up in NJ about two months ago. I'm in Gurnee - not too far from you. PM me and we could ride together sometime :cool:
I think 64K for a 2002 w/12K miles is a good price. Congratulations on your purchase. These cars are just too perfect in my opinion. The only complaint I have is the strero/audio components, but SOS has got the fix for that now -not really an issue for us anyway since neither my wife or I listen to the radio in the car. Car sounds too good when driving.
wow so many replies!

I can tell my stay here at this forum will be a pleasant one :biggrin:

Thanks again for all tha congrats guys!

Nice, great color. Not a bad deal going from an evil EVO to the NSX. I can't believe some of these dealers that won't let you test drive a car. I had the same experience. I went and drove a 04 Vette before buying my NSX. I always liked the car but never drove one. They gave me all sorts of grief, saying they don't let people drive them until they pay.

I finally got them to let me take an automatic out. When I got back one of the sales people had this big smile on his face like I just drove the greatest car ever built. He asked me what I thought and I told them GM stuck a 350 into a Cavalier and are pawning it off as a Vette. :tongue:

He didn't like my comment, but I told them at least I crossed it off my list of contenders.

Nice car, now go drive it, we don't get much summer in the midwest.
Honda-ronny said:

very nice car and i know howe you feel i got my first NSX last weekend.

We bought it 1200 kilometers from our vilage

I hope you wil have enough lovely miles on the car after a few years

enjoy it.

greatings from the netherland

Congrats!! Post a picture. :D