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My new DVD setup

15 March 2004
So Cal
I made a post a few months back HERE showing how I just put in a new rear view mirror with 4" monitor, along with TV tuner and diversified antennas. The TV is still working out great, but works better I found out when I travel East-West in the LA area as opposed to North-South directions. Also, I'm running powered diversified antennas on both the highest part of the windshield and on the highest part of the engine hatch glass cover. I found these to work the best out of the different antenna setups I tried. On most major freeways I get near perfect reception on most of the main network channels (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC) and a lot of Spanish stations in LA that come in clear :tongue: . I was running the Archos AV400 PVP for movies, and I still do for certain things, but I found that most of my DVD movies will not record onto it since they have copyright protections on the disc. Therefore I shelled out and picked up a cheap $70 DVD player by PT (local store gave me 2 year warranty for free, but the player is cheap to replace anyways) and I hooked it up into my spare A/V input that I had available.

Fortunately, I didn't have to do any cutting or drilling as the DVD player was small enough to fit perfectly into the glove box. I put my Acura leather booklet undereath it to use as an extra shock absorber. Since the glovebox has 2 holes in the back of it already, I just ran the wires through that to the TV tuner that was already stuffed up under the dash, behind the glovebox. Now, when I open up my glovebox, I can insert DVDs and close it back up and use the remote sensor that I placed up high on the windshield to watch DVD videos. The sensor is not visible from the outside, nor are the TV antennas. They don't stand out unless you get underneath them and look straight up, which is what I did with the camera for some pics below. I figure if I don't want to watch TV off the air anymore, I can relocate the sensor to somewhere more descrete and everything in my car would look stock. The only big & bulky thing is the DVD player remote. It's almost the same size as my Sony widescreen remote that controls all sorts of other functions, but I just put it in the glovebox when I'm not using it. Picture quality and sound quality are both superb and very crisp and clean sounding. I drove around on the freeway and drove on some bumpy roads and no problems thus far.

Anyways, that's my low-budget TV/DVD/tuner setup that I put in the car. I tried to keep everything relatively stock looking inside (no aftermarket deck, nothing standing out of the ordinary). With the monitor up in the rear view, it's a perfect eye level for me so I rarely take my eyes off of the road, (I don't use it when there's traffic, but on long drives with nothing to do ), and it's also out of view for other cars since the monitor is so high, and the NSX sits so low. At night, since it's very bright, I just slap on an static-cling piece of window tint that I cut out to size and that take care of the picture. During the day or at night, the monitor does not hinder my view out the back. And the way the monitor is positioned in the mirror, that section of the mirror is of no use to me anyways since all I can see is my head and seat headrest and nothing outside.

Here are some pics I took.....