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My New Style Vented body kit

16 February 2004
Just thought I would post one more picture here,in case someone hasn't seen my thread in the vendors column.Sorry for the pictures the car is dusty from all of the work.


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    New style vented bodykit4.jpg
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has anyone install this vented side skirt with the OEM front lip ? if so please post some picture, thanks
So what brand kit is this? I would have thought WW, but I guess it isnt?

odenspike said:
So what brand kit is this? I would have thought WW, but I guess it isnt?

Where have you been? J/K :biggrin: They are Stacy's side skirts. They are going to be a very popular item.
Thanks, my bad!! I just recently started thinking about adding some body mods, so I have long way to go :)
the yellow with the mods and wheels, look absolutely perfect.

one of the most beautiful I've seen on here,
stacy'snsx said:
Since my car doesn't have an oem front lip and never came with one,I was wondering how far down it hangs below the lower bumper?

The 91 style lip hangs about 1 3/8" down below the center of the front bumper and tapers to about 2" at the very ends. The later model years (97 + I think) are slightly lower on the sides if I remember correctly.
jaytip nsx said:
I'm not sure that is 100% correct.I think a manufacturer that supplies parts to Honda for fitting at the factory is also OEM.

:redface: :biggrin:
I only guarantee my information and statements to be 98% correct, I know I can depend on my fellow prime members to provide the remaining 2%. :wink:
mackash said:
Looks like he left the door panel trim off.
Nope it's there,just hard to see with that pic and also being black.
I was looking at the skirts on my car today and figured,for those of you who DO NOT want it to be lower than stock,that I can trim the bottom 1.5 inches off so that it would be the same height as stock and still look great.I will try to get Vizal to photoshop it for me,so you all can see.
Here is a quick photoshop I did to show the difference between the heights.
First picture is no modification(New Style side skirts un-touched) an second is the same height as stock(New Style side skirts shortened about 1.5 inches).


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hehe can we get a discount since your using 10% less fibreglass for the oem height version? j/k :biggrin: anyhow they look really good.

an option of oem height version would be nice for those of us that are driveway challenged :biggrin: