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my nsx is making noises...HELP !

28 March 2002
Fairfax VA USA
Hello all, I have been lurking in the forum for a little more than a year now ( since I purchased my 92, red nsx) up until now I really haven’t had a reason to post anything, but now I have run into a problem I was hoping you could help me out with. My nsx has started making a single thump noise when going into or straitening out of a hard left turn(hard = +35-40mph). Meaning a get one thump in the turn and one thump after the turn……make sense ? The only modification I have made to the car was placing ssr 16/17 size rims on the car. I did not notice the sound until a few weeks ago and I just figured it was my brief case loose in the trunk. No such luck, I finally got a minute to drive the car today and started hearing the noise again. I checked to see if anything was rubbing in either wheel well and found nothing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
So i had a similar problem with my '91, hard left or right turns would generate some clunking noises occasionally, but there was no rhyme or reason to when this would happen.

I took it to Don at Hilltop and he couldn't find anything so I just lived with it.

Recently, I banged up my front end, and after getting it back from the body shop, the sound disappeared. Weird.

My suggestion would be to take it to Curry's out near Pohanka Acura and have them take a look at it to make sure there isn't anything out of sorts with the suspension. If they cant find anything, you may just have to live with it.
Where is the sound? Could it be a loose battery, spare tire, etc? Lots of things can come loose and shift around a bit under load...
I had the exact same thing with my 92--but I don't think it is year specific. At least in my case it was the spare wheel/tire, or the big wing bolt that holds it in place was loose. It sounded like something much worse.

Hope this is it for you.
I have the spare removed because the collapsible spares worry me after an incident I had with a Porsche. There is nothing like using the front end of the car as a brake at 40 mhp. I figure I have AAA and my insurance covers towing so I don’t really need it. As far as the battery goes I checked to see if it was secure and it doesn’t seem to move. I have placed a line of chalk around it, so if it moves I will be able to tell.