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My NSX R conversion

20 January 2008
A year ago I crashed my NSX while passing a guy who suddenly decided to go left to take a physiological break:mad:
There was no way to avoid him as I was almost at the level of his rear wheels and there was a big ditch on the left side of the road...
I must of hit him at no more than 50 miles/hour.
Luckily no one was really hurt although it took a month before my ribs were OK.
I still can't believe it happened after tracking the car for more than 10 years without any incident.
Following the accident and given the price of new NSX components, I decided to have a go at a NSX R NA2 conversion.
Here are the pictures of the car after the accident and as it stands now.

first and foremost, Glad you werent badly hurt in the accident.

Car is looking good, Was there any major damage or just superficial?
Sorry to hear about your accident. Unfortunately they happen and people surviving is the most important. The 02+ conversion looks nice, as do the wheels and hood.
first and foremost, Glad you werent badly hurt in the accident.

Car is looking good, Was there any major damage or just superficial?
The damage was really substantial as the front right beam was bent beyond repair.
Removing that beam requires major surgery and all the suspension components had to be changed.
I had to fight the insurance company to avoid the car beeing declared a total loss...
The repair itself proved a real nightmare first getting all the components including the CE 28 N wheel and then getting them to fit:mad:
All in all it took a year to fix the car!
Other than the wheels Looks like mine !! So I really like it
I remember seeing a picture of an NSX that I took as an example.
It was maybe yours?
Good taste for sure:biggrin:
Just need some berlina black/procar CF mirrors and your set. Looks good.
Car looks amazing!!

Please give us more details about the mods.
Car looks great we just need more pictures/mod list!
Nice work!!
The modifications done to my car are the following:
Body: NSX NA2 components from Downforce including the wider front wings.
(are they still in business?)
Wheels: CE 28 N ( 17*8 and 18*9.5) with Toyo R 888 tires ( 235/40 and 265/35)
Suspension: Bilstein shocks with Zanardi springs
Brakes: Porsche 993 turbo front ( 322*32 disks) and AP racing 4 pot rear on std NA2 disk
Engine: LoveFab stage 2 at 8 psi
Diff: OS Giken with short ratio
Clutch: Comptech PG 2
Inside: Recaro bucket seats, Comptech harness bar
Here are a few more pictures: