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my thread was moved

28 February 2005
why was my thread moved to a location that no users can see?

FS: 3-Piece Forged HRE 540 Series Wheels

it was in the classifieds section..
can you please re-open the post

there were some fitment questions to answer:

i ran these wheels with my camber maxed out
you need to change the front tires to smaller ones.

rear ones are good
kaiser-nsx said:
why was my thread moved to a location that no users can see?
It sounds like you haven't read the rules for the Classifieds forums. When you display all the forums, each one in the Classifieds area says:

"Must be NSX-related, no exceptions - Read the rules before using!"

I suggest you read the rules. If you do, scroll down to where it says, "Why Didn't My Ad/Reply Show Up?". That's where you will find the answer to your question.

Note: I am not a moderator here...
how isn't it nsx related?
wheels are specifically made for this car..
i dont think anyone else would want to run this setup
kaiser-nsx said:
how isn't it nsx related?
I didn't say your post wasn't NSX related. I pointed out that you hadn't read the rules.

I did say that I am not a moderator. If you have questions about why your post isn't appearing, maybe you should contact one of the Marketplace Forum moderators. If you don't know how to do that, you can READ THE RULES to find out how. Click on the link in my previous post, and then scroll down to the part where it says, "Who Are The Marketplace Forum Moderators? How Can I Contact Them?"
I believe the ad was pulled because there were unanswered questions about how well the wheels/tires (Front - 19x9 245/35/19, Rear - 20x10 285/30/20) fit the NSX without rubbing. Contact one of the marketplace moderators to further clarify.
yes there were questions, and those who PMed me got answers.

rear will fit with minor neg. camber... perhaps without, but my camber was negative from previous wheels when mounting these

front wheels were made to fit with fender lining removed, camber maxed out, and pulled fenders.

if you do not want to go through all of that, then buy smaller tires
you will have a very nice stretch if you go that way