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My "tough" decision!

26 April 2001
Columbus, Ohio
My girlfriend just called me to let me know of her family reunion. It takes place on Oct 7th. :frown: Same time as NSXPO. Most of you are thinking, "Big deal, go to the reunion and then ditch for NSXPO once it's over." Problem is her reunion is being held in Brazil and she is planning for us to spend over a week there. The reunion is just on the 7th, then we would travel her native country the rest of the time.

While I've always wanted to spend a good amount of time in Brazil, those who know me also know that my NSX has been in multiple shops (body, stereo, dealer) going on 2 years now. Basicly, I'm paying insurance on a car that has been on the road twice in that amount of time. I have spent countless hours and dollars trying to get my NSX ready for the ultimate get together - NSXPO. Now it seems that this year will be a repeat of the last, except not even my body will be attending this time.

Also, I'm already on the ropes. I leave in a couple of weeks to spend a weekend in Vegas with "just my guy friends". And we all know how "just the guys" plays off with "just our girls". :wink: Needless to say she is not thrilled with me taking yet another vacation that does not include her. So here I am, being told that Brazil i in my future, and NSXPO is not. But of course, it is my decision. Rrrriiiiiiiight.

How frustrating. She is a good girl and understands the delima. She, in fact, is the one who pointed it out. Phoenix, AZ. You don't know how bad I want to be there. It should be a crazy party compared to NY last year. The warmth, the clubs, the outdoor pools. And Vegas within driving distance. NSX driving distance. Arrrggghhh! Even Neo is going to be at this one!!! :eek:
thats a no-brainer... dump her and go to NSXPO and just appoligize around Oct 13 and get her back.
Hmmm.....let me think.....you definitely need to come to NSXPO :biggrin: It is going to be a great time here in AZ this year! Seriously though, unless she's a VERY serious girlfriend (like "the one") you should make it down here to NSXPO. I can see you having an obligation to go to Brazil if she's a potential future wife to meet her entire family. Either way you'll have a great time, but just remember at NSXPO you'll have the chance to meet/talk/party with around a couple hundred of your fellow enthusiasts and hopefully show off your ride too. :smile:

Hope to see you in Phoenix in October!

I dont want to hear this up in the air talk...trust me there IS a way to make it up to your sig. other!! What if we kidnap you? or you just say we did like the runaway bride?

Honestly reading your post did bum me out because I really enjoyed our "NY Crew" and I was really lookin forward to a reunion.. Car or no car, you have got to come!! COME ON MAN LETS FIND A WAY!!!

geez...Brian where are you I need backup on this one!
You're in a "no win situation". Sorry...

Juice said:
I'm paying insurance on a car that has been on the road twice in that amount of time.
If your car isn't going on the road, you should suspend your liability and collision coverages while it's being fixed. (Just like many of us do in the winter.) That will save you most of your insurance bill.
Win win situation. Either way you will have a nice time.
Just choose the one you want to do the most.
Me : Brasil, Girlfriend, eyecandy galore.
NSXPO , You can go next year.
If you want this women, you better go to Basil.

I totally agree with Ken on the insurance suspension. It saved me big $$$'s over the 2 years my car sit.
Juice....what is the update on your car?? Any pics of its current condition??