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Mystery Ground?

27 July 2007
Denver, CO
During my alarm-re-wire, I noticed this strage ground in the front bay under the main fuse box. The OEM harness clearly was tapped (first picture) and grounded to the chassis (second picture). Does anyone know what this is? Comtec? Syndicate? Malibu Rapper? :D


That appears to be the 14 pin connector for the right retractor sub harness assembly. It would carry the wiring for the right headlight and the retractor assembly. Yes we need the colors.

Black with grey spot. It looks like just this one wire was tapped- they split it and shorted it to ground. Why would they do that?

FYI the car has aftermarket 6000k HID low beams. Could this be how they stop the low beams from flashing when the alarm is tripped?
My guess is they shortened the ground when they upgraded to HID.

I would say that sounds right since the ground is on the center of the rear bulkhead behind the seats. I'm sure the HID draw more amps.

Thanks guys, I was reading the wiring diagrams yesterday, and that black wire is the ground for the headlamps. Looks like they didn't want to take a chance with the increased curent over such a long run.