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NA1 tree exhaust pipe in center exit

8 February 2012
Hello all, anyone can tell me if such a project is doable, in all my search I can’t fine a NSX with this customize type of pipe or the difuser and cover bumper who goes with it.



VRoooM red NSX as a dual norrow center exhaust I am looking for tripple like an LFA

I need some info or some idea how to make it hapen, any vendors or developer will be greatly appreciated
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if you have the $$$; anything is possible.
We sure no for a fact that there is a serious price tag on this issue, still is it doable, how and who this is the point!!!
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Should be very easy.

Just take a centre exit exhaust like Sorcery and Arm's did years ago weld on a other tip.
Take a three point collector pipe (Vibrant & Magnaflow have them)

If you really want a cool set-up make the upper pipe work like a bypass valve so you can adjust sound.
You would nee ether TaiTec, I's Impact, Route-KS or Sorcery diffuser to make it work.

Adapting ether a 02-05 or a 90-01 rear valance would look odd.
Other option take I's Impact side "spats" and fab up your own diffuser.
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Great Sir look super good, I will need all feedback and help on this project, thanks for the info

It seems pretty simple