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NE1 install an aftermarket steering wheel? Problems?

17 July 2000
I picked up a Mugen steering wheel and i'm looking at the Mugen steering adapter for the NSX...almost $500! Ow. I was told that the Mugen adapter bypasses any problems w/ the SRS system not having an airbag. Anyone ever heard of problems swapping out the steering wheel? I'd rather just pick up a momo adapter...
You are better off with the Japanese adapters. The standard momo hub is not a very good fit. A cheaper one is from Gruppe M. I think its around $300-$400 something, a little cheaper than the mugen adapter.
The Gruppe M adaptor is priced at $405 and can be ordered through Alex Vizcarra at AV Motorsports. A nice looking steering wheel is the Momo Formula.
I'm the importer for Momo in Panama. The Hub kit that you see on the NSXR is made by Momo, it is the best fit for the NSX,as a matter of fact it is specially made for the car. Also the only mod that you might have to do is to attached a little piece of metal to the back of the hub to make the ground for the horn, other than that nothing else.

And for the ones that are looking for steering wheels,wait until march and you will see the new steering wheel,cant tell you the name but I can tell you that is is a replica of the Ferrari F1 car. The only difference between both is that where the F1 has the shift lights this will have a chronometer. There will be 4 buttons. Start, Stop, Reset and horn.

You would be very surprise it is AWESOME

Enrique Thompson
Panama City,Panama
Central America
but Enrique, will it be affordable by working class citizens like me?

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