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Need a good shop to remove key lug nut

11 April 2008
Huntington Beach, CA
I bought my car not too long ago and it came with aftermarket wheels and lug nuts. The previous owner didnt give me the key peice to remove the key lug nut. So I need a good shop to remove that key lug nut, possibly break it off, with minimal damage or impact to my car and wheels. I will provide a new set of lug nuts. I'm looking for good quality work.

Also, I need to buy a set of lug nuts. Any recommendations? :smile:

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If you know any good mechanics, they have sockets just for this that are hammered onto the little bugger and it will be then removed. Kinda like an easy out, but for lugs.
i never thought about that before. haha. thanks!

i lost almost all of my mechanic contacts since I had a brand new M3 for 4 yrs and never had to bring it to any mechanics. The dealer took care of everything. On top of that it's hard to find a mechanic who does really good work.

Any recommendations?

Are you putting on new wheels and new set of lug nuts and locks?
if so, just bring it to a shop that is goin to put it on, they may have some sockets and keys that may work. If not, do what Anytime says, that will work too. Hopefully your studs wont break off. Sometimes it may.
Well Good Luck
Another option. Go buy a cheap set of sockets, well actually one size of socket. Any how, get one that is JUST small enough that won't go over the lock. Sledgehammer it onto the lock just enough to grab, then wrench it off.

harbor freight is a good source for those cheap sockets. You may get lucky and need just one if you can remove the lock from it. Or you may need 4.