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Need advise on buying NSX

12 April 2001
Garland, TX, USA
I am looking a used NSX and intend to modify it. is it better to buy a slightly modified NSX(intake, header, exhaust, suspension..) or better get a bone stock one and modify it later? Are modified NSX owners very hard on their car than bone stock owners (I mean redline every chance they got)? Please give me your advise.
It's better to buy a stock NSX, live with it for a while, decide on what YOU like and don't like about it, and then decide on what mods YOU want.

The car can stand up to redlining and hard driving. And I don't think you can necessarily assume that owners of modded cars are necessarily any harder on their cars than owners of stock cars.

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In my situation, I already knew I would be modifying the car I was getting. So the fact that it had exhaust and intake saved me $1500 that I would be spending anyway.
Nsxtasy is correct. It's good to enjoy the car stock first. However, if you are someone who loves modifying their car and you absolutely know that you will be doing it, it can save you some money. I didn't pay any more for mine because of the mods and it saved me some cash.
You just have to like the choice of mods on the car. If it had exhaust or an intake I didn't like, I wouldn't have gone for it.
If you are like the rest of us who have shopped for a used NSX, your ideal car would be the one that was never driven in the rain, always gargaged and covered, washed with distilled water, babied, coddled, never reved over 5000 rpm, etc, etc. These cars are nearly impossible to find, despite what you may read in the classifieds. Your question of whether an owner who modifies his or her car is more likely to drive it hard is a good one, but I don't think there an easy answer. I would suggest that each and every car and owner is unique, and nothing but a very thorough mechanical examination and, more importantly, your own instinct, will help you find the right car. It may be just the opposite of what you think -- is it possible that the guys who modify their cars appreciate and understand the mechanics of the car, and therefore care for them better than the vapid blonde who simply buys the car "because it's soooo pretty"? Bottom line: see each car in person, have it mechaincally inspected, get a title search (carfax), and believe very little else. BTW, after a long search, I bought new.